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Local Info

Information for ATM and bicycle rental, local area map, notice from Wakayama Sailing Center are available.

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Sailing Site

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Wakayama Sailing center (Wakayama Marina City)
1514 Kemi, Wakayama-City, Wakayama pref.
TEL.073-448-0251 FAX.073-494-3252
30 min by car from Kansai International Airport.


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Predict Wind

As the sponsorship of PredictWind to 2009 Tasar World Championship, all competiors have been granted free access to the PredictWind Professional Forecasting package. more...


As for details of accommodations, reservation, payment, cancellation policy and other more information are now up to date.
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Garden Hotel Hayashi English Japanese
Royal Pines Hotel English Japanese
Kuroshio Ryokan English Japanese
Holiday House English Japanese

tag Information regarding budget type accommodations. (31 March. 2009)
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Renting a bicycle .new (29 April. 2009)

Here is information about renting a bicycle.
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